Referral Program

One of the major sources of new customer referrals to Gaglani Enterprises is through the word of mouth of our existing customers. By simply referring a new customer, our referral program will allow customers to receive significant discounts on their current hosting plans!

When you spread the word about Gaglani's custom dedicated servers, you are rewarded with free hosting! Whenever a new customer mentions your name during their account setup, your hosting account is credited for one month of free hosting*. There is no limit to the number of free months you can rack up!

Dedicated Server Referral Program

  • Referrals must sign up for a dedicated server account.
  • Accounts will be credited within 48 hours of new account's first payment.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to the primary email address of the referring account.
  • Credit will be equal to your current monthly charges.
  • Credit card charge-backs will negate benefits of referral.
  • You may not get a referral bonus for referring yourself, your own company, affiliates, parent companies, or subsidiaries.
  • You may not get a referral bonus for referring the company you work for.
  • This is a limited time offer and may be revoked at anytime without notice.

Start earning your free hosting credits today! For more information about our referral program, call a Gaglani Enterprises representative at 1-908-837-9059.

*Amount of compensation per credit not to exceed $500.