Managed Business Hosting

Our business hosting plans are designed specifically for organizations to build their web presence. Nowadays, every business should have a website to promote the services they provide. We will help you build a site that suits your business needs and is prepared for growth. Gaglani business hosting is perfect for upstarts and established businesses wanting a more sophisticated hosting solution.

Gaglani's managed hosting service is ideal for customers who are using our shared hosting services yet need support above and beyond the standard level of support that our basic package provides. Managed hosting includes all of the support you would get with our basic package along with extra support focused on website owners who don't want to spend time managing the details of their site or need assistance with some more technical aspects of hosting.

Managed package includes:

– Installation and upgrade of many open-source web apps and modules
– Assistance with web editing software
– Assistance with e-mail programs (i.e. Outlook, Thunderbird)
– Content updates and image uploads
– Help with mailing lists and newsletters

And many more free services to help you focus on your business, not your website!

Below is a list of our packages and services, order one today!


• Free content management software installation! 5
• 1 GB storage
• 30GB Bandwidth
• Control Panel (Plesk/WSP)



• Free domain name!
• Free initial website design! 1
• Free content management! 2
• 2 GB storage
• 50GB Bandwidth • Control Panel (Plesk/WSP)



• Free domain name!
• Free initial website design! 1
• Free content management! 3
• 4 GB storage
• 100GB Bandwidth
• Unlimited mail accounts and aliases
• 500MB total mail storage
• Control Panel (Plesk/WSP)


If you require a hosting package more specific to your needs, don't worry! Gaglani will work with you to create a custom hosting package based on your organization's requirements. For more information about Gaglani managed services, please contact us at 1-908-837-9059 or by e-mail.

Need dedicated servers? Visit our pricing page to submit a quote request for a custom-built server!

1 The Design and Managed packages include service to assist you in creating your initial website look and feel. If you would like to change it in the future, our costs are $50/hour for design updates/changes.

2 For the basic package, we will post all your content for you the first time. If you would like to change content in the future, you can do it yourself or have us do it for you at a rate of $50/hour.

3 For both the managed and e-commerce packages, you are entitled to free updates to your content and ecommerce store up to a total of 2 hours of billable work per month. While it is highly unusual that anyone exceeds the monthly cap of 2 hours, any time spent over this amount per month is billed at the discounted rate of $40/hour. Managed accounts do not include any programming, development, or web design services.

4 All sites are non-transferrable to other hosting providers. Gaglani owns all website designs created except customer content including text and images.

5 Gaglani will install the CMS of your choice (Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, etc..). After which the customer is responsible for creating/editing their site.